Three major concepts describe the methodology Flag applies in implementing activities to fulfil its mission:

• process management

• multidiscipline and integration

• sustainable change

Process management

Flag addresses management processes such as strategy formulation and performance improvement, and supports primary processes within Albanian organisations. Its experts are very familiar with an approach to process management that involves as much as possible the ultimate beneficiaries from the process, at all stages. Through this approach the final achievements and results are accepted and embedded in the beneficiary organisation and environment much better than in its absence.

Multidisciplinary and integrated approach

Flag, through its established network of experts, offers possibilities to create effective links between management and primary and support processes. The Foundation is supported by management specialists from a wide range of disciplines such as institutional development and strategic planning, while for primary processes it offers expertise in technical and non-technical issues such as social services, waste management, personnel management, tax collection, etc.

Sustainable change

Flag believes strongly in creating sustainable change. It therefore emphasises the importance of maximising the use of local capacities in the development trajectory. It tries to make best use of the resources available and of best examples from outside Albania while at the same time it tries to encourage the exchange of best experiences among Albanian institutions and foreign counterparts.

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