Local economic development

At the core of improving the living standards of the inhabitants of a village, town or city lies the direction taken by economic development. A stagnant or regressive economy means a stagnating or regressing quality of life. Flag has been very active in seeking ways to stimulate economic development at the local level in Albania.

The Delta project (Developing Economies Locally through Techniques and Alliances), completed in 2006, resulted in the elaboration of separate strategic plans for the local economic development of five municipalities in Albania (Berat, Durrës, Korça, Lezha and Shkodra). A business profile was also developed with and for one of these cities (Korça). The plans are published as books in Albanian and in English, while the business profile is a bilingual brochure, all of which are downloadable (LGI, Hungary.) In addition, a documentary film on Delta was made, copies of which are available from Flag or LGI. An additional project undertaken by Flag was the development of a website to document and promote the methodology and techniques used during the implementation of the Delta project in Albania.

The experience gained from Delta was extended into assisting LED in other parts of Albania with the projects Combined Economic Development & Strategic Planning for Communes, and Partnership with Administration for Effective Governance, Rubik Municipality.

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