Project cycle management

The total budget of COMPASS was € 2.6 million, of which the Flag executive directly managed € 646,000, along with two additional components: Municipal Management Training Programmes (with an additional budget) and the financial arrangements between the Municipalities of Obdam, Netherlands, and Rrëshen in their efforts to develop a twinning relationship.

The executive staff of Flag were responsible for project management and monitoring, preparation of annual plans, compilation of project progress and financial reports (for the budget directly managed by the local office) and drafting contracts for local experts as well as allocating the time. Budgeting was activity based and 44 local short-term experts were under contract to implement various activities in the programme.

Flag has subsequently implemented, or is currently implementing, a further 17 projects or programmes. The Foundation's budget has grown considerably (e.g. the budget that it will manage for the current DAAC project is €440,000 – it has so far managed €125,000 – while that for Delta was €151,750) and the experience and knowledge of the executive has grown accordingly.

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