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Accompanying measures for project Solid Waste Management South-east Albania

Provision of consultancy services for the Accompanying measures project, supporting KRWM in organisational and institutional development, financial management and development and operation of waste planning, collection and treatment systems


Korça Regional Waste Management (KRWM) Company, Korça Qark LGUs



Part of 'Leadership Programme for Security and Rule of Law', the project will strengthen institutions in Albania as a potential candidate country in dealing with public security, governance and rule of law, including arranging, hosting and moderating the kick-off conference, aranging workshops on survey questionnaires for stakeholders, and tendering out the surveys


Ministries of Interior & Justice, AAC, AAM, police & TIPA (through MoI); and Dutch counterparts


Support to institutional capacities in the implementation of the Civil Servant Law 152/2013 and Human Resource Management at local level

Provide advice and support to institutional assessment of state institutions and agencies and training needs analysis for ongoing decentralisation process and consolidation of good governance principles in Albania, including developing the methodology & tools, creation of standards and benchmarks on HRM, transposed into legislation and practices, and present findings at public conference

Swiss Cooperation Office, Tirana



Drafting Municipal Solid Waste Management Plans, Kosovo

Undertake situation analysis, strategic framework, operational, financial & action and SWM plan for Kosovo municipalities


Kosovo municipalities of Drenas, Gjilan, Peja, Mitrovica, Prishtina


Development of specific terms of reference related to key ADISA development areas in framework of public service reform programme

Provide professional assistance in preparation of ToR for engagement of relevant expertise, developing 4 ToR based upon 4 key areas identified in consultation with ADISA and ISDA. Results: development of a long-term public service reform policy document, design of a front office–back office separation model and piloting, establishment of service delivery standards, institutional capacity building provided for ADISA to become operational and able to implement reform of service delivery, technical assistance provided for MIPA in reform management and monitoring




Local Autonomy Index

Undertake assessment of autonomy of Albanian LGUs (1990-2014) using methods applied in CEE states


Pawel Swianiewicz


Reinforcing Local and Regional Government Structures in Albania II

Project stage II of joint programme 'Reinforcing Local and Regional Government Structures in Albania' between CoE and Swiss Cooperation Office (SCO) (see FLAG 30): i) presentation on consultation process of LGUs in Albania with reference to European charter on local self government & recent congress recommendation, ii) launch IMC campaign & gather IMC requests from LGUs in Albania, iii) deliver ToT and prepare training plan on IMC, iv) organise working meetings on IMC in Korça, Berat and Zadrim, develop strategic paper on IMC legal improvements, v) assist international expert and provide advice on Albania's territorial reform, v) assist international expert and provide advice on Albania's territorial reform, vi) further support to international expert & participate in working group, vii) undertake regional study of TAR, viii) effect of TAR on LGUs in Dibër


CoE, Minister for Local Issues


Assessment of Solid Waste Management in Albania

Undertake comprehensive analysis of the SWM sector in Albania and identify & investigate potential project ideas for the sector




Feasibility study for solid waste management in Vlora Region

Develop an integrated solid waste management concept for the service area covering solutions to waste collection, recycling, treatment, transfer and disposal, and fees


Vlora Qark LGUs


Completed in 2014

e-Government training

Train local practitioners in e-Gov in Durres, Kukes & Diber Qarks: OSS & web standards, present OSS models to decision makers and develop baseline of existing e-services for transparency & accountability


dldp, TIPA, MoIPA


Environmental tourism development of River Buna and Lake Shkodra

Promotion of area as tourism destination, raising awareness of protecting environment and biodiversity of lake and river; cleaning up of riverbank and shoreline; rehabilitation of infrastructure of small beaches along west bank of lake and development of water sports infrastructure


Shkodra Municipality, Ana e Malit Commune


Establish One-Stop Shops in Albania's LGUs

This project comprised 7 different projects for OSS installations and support services FLAG has assisted in 6 LGUs in Lezha & Shkodra qarks (Dajç Bregu i Bunës, Bushat, Kallmet, Lezha, Shkodra, Velipoja) and the qarks themselves: i) Establish citizens information centre and OSS in Dajç Bregu i Bunës Commune, ii) Modernize public service delivery in Bushat (Shkodra) and Kallmet (Lezha), iii) OSSs in Shkodra and Velipoja, iv) Technical assistance for establishment of OSS in Lezha Municipality, v) Consolidation and assessment of OSSs in 6 LGUs of Shkodra and Lezha qarks, vi) Assessment of needs & capacities of e-government of Lezha County Council, vii) Consolidation of OSSs follow-up

Swiss Intercooperation, Helvetas Swiss Development Cooperation, dldp

Lezha Qark & Shkodra Qark, LGUs of Dajç, Bushat, Kallmet, Lezha, Shkodra, Velipoja


Completed in 2013

Assessment of local policies, programmes & budgets from gender perspective in Shkodra Municipality

Undertake assessment of gender-responsive budgeting in municipality, assess gender equality in municipal practices, service provision, particularly in Economic aid and Community-based social services, raise awareness of GE, interview municipal staff and community and submit recommendations in brief to council for improvement of situation

UN Women

Shkodra Municipality, local NGOs, groups in need


CORE Development Dibër

Dibër County Council is institutionally strengthened and possesses capacities to offer services, targeting strategic priorities beyond singe unit, and to harmonise regional development policies in framework of Albania's EU accession process

Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands; Dibër County LGUs

Dibër County Council; Dibër LGUs


Territorial Employment Pacts

Undertake territorial audit of Shkodra Qark and two employment-sensitive value chain analyses, assist Regional Employment Board in design of TEP


Shkodra Qark, MoLSAEO


Zadrim IMC Study Tour

Organise for Zadrim IMC Association (LGUs Bushat, Vau i Dejës, Dajç, Hajmel, Blinisht) 3-day study tour to Korça Municipality to gather information and experiences of solid waste management from participating LGUs in Korça SWM


Zadrim Association, Korça Municipality


Completed in 2012

Help develop tools to encourage Inter-Municipal Cooperation

This project comprised eight different assignments (undertaken in Albania, Croatia, France, Macedonia, Slovakia and Ukraine) related to development of Inter-Municipal Cooperation (IMC) for countries in CEE and Caucuses and whose aims were to: i) deliver training in IMC for professionals, trainers and LG representatives; ii) help finalise and test training curricula on IMC toolkit; iii) collect good practices on IMC in Albania; iv) develop a prescriptive policy paper and advocacy plan for Albania; v) analysis of CoE tools developed for IMC; vi) deliver training on IMC for political school of CoE; vii) training in IMC for Albanian LGUs; viii) agenda and delivery of ToT in IMC, and develop training plan for IMC

CoE, LGI, UNDP, Academy of Political Studies

CoE, LGI, UNDP Bratislava Regional Center


Reinforcing Local and Regional Government Structures in Albania

Project was part of the joint Programme 'Reinforcing Local and Regional Government Structures in Albania' between CoE and Swiss Cooperation Office (SCO), and involved preparation of IMC Action Plan, participating in bilateral meetings with national and international stakeholders, and in preparation and follow up of meeting to prepare detailed plan of IMC base-line research and an outline of the Albanian IMC toolkit




Completed in 2011

Developing Enterprises Locally through Action and Alliance (DELTA)

DELTA had six main goals: 1) development of strategies and action plans for policy reform and private sector development, 2) development of locally owned projects and programmes for sound private sector development, 3) encouragement and promotion of economic growth, 4) building of capacities of city governments and communities for plan development, implementation, assessment and review, and economy assessment, 5) enabling of evidence-based policy making for economic growth and development, and 6) development of websites to share DELTA methodology and experience


Municipalities of Berat, Durrës, Korça, Lezha, Shkodra; MGS; LGI


UK Training in Community Development for Delegation of Local Government Officials

Delegation was hosted by UK Local Government Association (LGA). Other meetings were held at Cambridge County Council, Oxford City Council, Bicester Village offices

LGI; OSFA; DELTA municipalities

LGA; Municipalities of Berat, Durrës, Korça, Lezha, Shkodra; Teuleda


Support to local government in Kosovo

Project was part of a much larger one with the objective of supporting all municipalities of Kosovo to advance reform and capacity building in the context of the on-going decentralisation process. This includes improvement of managerial competencies, service delivery and dialogue with citizens at the local level, in line with European standards


VNG-I, Eptisa


Baseline survey analysis for dldp

Support to dldp in finalising baseline survey publication, from which several local governance indicators and benchmarks were developed for LGUs to monitor their performance

Intercooperation Albania



Completed in 2010

Rehabilitation of River Embankment in Dajç Bregu i Bunës, Shkodra

Overall objective was to improve the environment, safety and quality of life for community of Dajç. Short-term objectives were to: i) increase residents' awareness of protection and maintenance of environment and of rehabilitated embankment segment, ii) install cycle and pedestrian path, iii) install two recreational areas in 3-km segment, and iv) improve quality of life for residents of the commune

Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (via REC); Dajç Commune

Dajç Commune


Support capacity development needs for Economic Governance

This assignment aimed to identify the capacity development needs of ACA and ZMK, and prepare for them a comprehensive capacity development programme that addresses the capacity gaps. A questionnaire was used to assess the capacity of the organizations. Information was gathered directly from the associations, METE and other ministries, state agencies and local government officials


Albanian Consumer Association (ACA), Office for Consumer Protection (ZMK)


Dibër Development Day Conference

Dibër Information Day was held on 3 March 2010, and aimed at sharing and promoting achievements of the different projects and the specific implementation approach of the programme. It brought together representatives of central and local government authorities, programme implementers and the donor community

Embassy of Kingdom of Netherlands; FLAG

Dibër LGUs


Completed in 2009

Developing the Albanian Association of Communes (DAAC)

Enable AAC to play a role in reform of Albania’s public administration, especially in strengthening its communes

Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA)

SALAR (Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions), VNG-I, AAC

09-05/12-08, extended to 12-09

Mid-term review of ‘Support programme for Strengthening Local Governance in Dibër Qark’

Review programme efficiency and effectiveness, identify performance levels, achievements and lessons learned, and ascertain results for use in determining optimal strategies for programme continuation. Draft recommendations for sustaining achievements of programme in framework of regional development and decentralisation

Embassy of Kingdom of Netherlands

Sef Slootweg


Technical assistance to support development of joint ADC/SDC regional development programme in northern Albania

Provide overview on regional development and decentralisation strategies and challenges in N. Albania, identify challenges and achievements for EU integration and identify potential and elements for joint cooperation based upon participatory approaches and local ownership

Austrian Development Agency

Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC), Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC)


Strengthening Albanian Civil Society Organisation for an improved Environment

Prepare for Waste Working Group a position paper that will be communicated in media, to government and international institutions




Completed in 2008

Providing Support to the Institute of the Environment

Develop methodologies and systems used in Institute of Environment for it to reach satisfactory (ISO) standards

Royal Netherlands Embassy, Tirana

Albanian Institute of Environment, Oranjewoud, Netherlands


Developing a SWOT analysis for Shkodra Qark

Gather latest background data and undertake SWOT analysis of Shkodra Qark


Shkodra County (Qark)


Integrated Informatics System for Management of the Activities of the LED Department, Korça Municipality

Develop capacities for Korça LED department to monitor and evaluate strategy, establish system to monitor and measure progress to achieving goals, provide reference system for LED measurements

Canada Fund

Korça Municipality


Study Tour by Moldovan Stakeholders

Moldavian stakeholders visit LED departments in the five Delta cities in Albania, exchange information and increase inter-country cooperation, focusing on budgeting, citizens participation and strategic planning


Moldovan municipality stakeholders


Develop Strategic Plans for three communes in Dibër Qark

Provide expertise and training for Strategic Plan development for communes Arras, Zall Dardha and Fushë Çidhën; publish plans

Dibër Qark

Dibër Qark communes of Arras, Fushë Çidhën, Zall Dardha


Completed in 2007

Decentralisation and Regional Development in Albania

Advise on financing of LGUs as part of decentralisation, specifically LG rights to tax population, local budget process, transfers from central government, auditing and role of treasury in local government finances


Ministry of Interior, SIPU


Donor Research in Albania

Review on-going and completed operational programmes and regional development strategies in Albania

Lara Interreg



Improvement of local government associations

This was a compilation of two separate projects whose aims were to 1) develop a training programme through provision of expertise and based upon the toolkit Transforming a Local Government Association (LGA), and 2) provide expertise at the conference ‘Towards a modern local government association’


UNDP, Bratislava Regional Center; NALAS; Austrian Association of Cities and Towns


Completed in 2006

Finalising project proposal ‘Support programme for strengthening local governance in Dibër Qark, Albania’

Finalise programme design and proposal with the objective of strengthening local governance in Dibër County (Qark), east Albania

Royal Netherlands Embassy, Tirana

Dibër County, SNV


Partnership with Administration for an Effective Governance, Rubik Municipality

Increase effectiveness, capacities and standards of local government in Rubik, while creating conditions for improved quality of life for citizens


OSI, Rubik Municipality


Accompanied self-assessment of Decentralisation and Local Development Programme (dldp) partner LGUs

Assist LGUs in N. Albania assess and improve standards of governance

Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)

Intercooperation (IC) Albania, KPM University of Bern


Local Government Leadership Programme

Self-assessment mechanism introduced into 15 pilot municipalities; conclusions will lead to development of distinct Leadership Improvement Plans; manual published

Council of Europe (CoE), LGI, Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)



Completed in 2003-5

Modernisation of Municipal Services In Selected Partner Towns

Improving municipal service responsibilities in town planning, including permits and supervision, assets, technical services, including solid waste management, related budget and financing policies, and participation of citizens and businesses in local policy making


Municipalities of Korça, Pogradec, Elbasan, Lushnja, Berat, Kuçova, Shkodra, Kavaja, Maminas, Institut für Projektplanung (IP-GITEC)


Feasibility Study: Management of Solid Waste in South-East Albania

Improvement of environmental conditions and minimising health risks, contributing thus towards the sustainable social and economic development of the region


Municipalities of Korça, Pogradec, Erseka, Maliq, Bilisht, IU: Infrastruktur & Umwelt and IGIP: Ingenieur-Gesellschaft für Internationale Planungsaufgaben Consulting Engineers


Support to the Albanian Association of Communes to broaden their membership base (Inception Period)

Identify, probe and analyse problems facing Albania’s communes; produce detailed DAAC proposal (see above)


Salar, VNG-I, AAC


Support to the Albanian Association of Communes to broaden their membership base through institutional strengthening

Broaden membership base and support for AAC with enhanced legitimacy of AAC steering committee




Community and Public Administration Support Strategy (COMPASS, one year extension)

Publishing and promoting through the AAM the experiences of the previous three years of programme implementation

Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, VNG-I

AAM, MLGD, Municipalities of Peshkopi, Rrëshen, Kruje, Fier, Korça


National Training Strategy for Local Government in Albania

Development of a National Training Strategy for local government


NTS Working Group AAM, AAR, AAC, MLGD


Good Governance / Institution Building – Support for Municipal Administration in Kosovo (inception period)

Building a democratic Kosova with strong effective institutions with a respect for human rights and rule of law

European Agency for Reconstruction



Promoting Active Citizenship at the Local Level in Albania and the FYR of Macedonia

Contribute towards transparent, accountable and responsive governance at the local level through increasing civic participation in policy-making processes

World Bank

Cittadinanzattiva’s Active Citizenship Network, Italy



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