Services for LGU networks and LGAs

Flag offers a range of services based upon its wide ranging and in-depth expertise. It provides services to individual LGUs, LGU networks and LGAs (local government associations), including advice on policy and best practices.

LGU networks

Inter-municipal cooperation

Flag has been involved in stimulating inter-municipal cooperation at two levels. At the local level it implemented with IU-IGIP the project Feasibility Study: Management of Solid Waste in South-East Albania. A component of this project involved bringing municipalities together to set up for the first time in Albania an Inter-municipal cooperation entity. This body was streamlined in terms of objectives, scope of work and legal basis. At the international level, Flag was responsible for the financial arrangements between the Municipalities of Obdam, Netherlands, and Rrëshen in their efforts to develop a twinning relationship. The Foundation has since become the leading exponent of IMC in the country, providing support to several such projects, including one that is strengthening the solid waste management company in Korça, KRWM.

Delta forum

During the Delta project, a forum of mayors was set up to facilitate sharing of experiences during local economic development strategic planning.

Local Government Associations

Flag has assisted three Albanian LGAs on a number of issues.

For the AAC, Flag helped set up procedures for endorsement of democratic values, and at the same time helped with its organisational, institutional and capacity building. Following the local elections of 2015, the communes as a unit of local government have ceased to function, though they still retain some local service provision as administrative units.

At a time when the first level of local government in Albania was represented by 65 municipalities and 308 communes, all Albanian municipalities were represented by the AAM. Through this association Flag provided training indirectly to all municipalities on local tax management and served on its Best Practice Commission.

The Foundation has also advised on policy issues to the Training Agency for Local Government in Albania (TALGA).

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