Training development, coaching and delivery

Flag experts have been involved in delivering training countrywide to most Albanian municipalities and communes. During the COMPASS programme, Flag’s core executive staff arranged delivery of 119 end-user courses throughout Albania, training 2,581 local government officials and some civil society representatives, making best use of the network of experts.

Since then, Flag has coached six municipalities and four communes in local economic development (Delta, Combined Economic Development & Strategic Planning for Communes, Partnership with Administration for Effective Governance, Rubik Municipality) and five municipalities and three communes in improving their standards of governance using CAF methodology (Accompanied self-assessment of Decentralisation and Local Development Programme (DLDP) partner LGUs). In addition, its experts are currently coaching Albanian Association of Communes (AAC) staff and fora in institutional capacity building.

Flag experts have prepared and delivered training and coaching on the following curricula:

  • Citizen’s information centres
  • Citizens’ commissions, partnerships with city council
  • City council internal relations
  • City council role and responsibilities
  • City council vision and mission
  • Financial management
  • Human resource management
  • Institutional capacity building
  • Land use and urban planning
  • Leadership styles, characteristics
  • Local economic development
  • Local government budgeting
  • Local taxation
  • Service delivery standards
  • Standards of governance
  • Strategic planning
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