Stimulate and support achievement of the most advanced standards in democratic and decentralised governance

Support to institutional capacities in local implementation of Civil Servant Law and HRM


As part of the project Strengthening Local Government Structures and Cooperation of Local Elected Representatives in Albania (2012–2015), the project provided advice and support to institutional assessment of the relevant state institutions and agencies (DoPA, ASPA, CMCS, MoLI, LGUs) for the ongoing decentralisation process and consolidation of good governance principles in Albania.


• Standards and benchmarks on Human Resources Management (HRM) created and transposed into legislation and practices
• LGUs set to adapt and implement new law on Civil Servant in their respective structures
• Institutional capacity of relevant central institutions in charge of CS law implementation and LGU’s capacity building strengthened
• Horizontal and vertical communication and coordination improved
• Institutional and training needs assessment of LGUs conducted in view of implementation of CS and organic law provisions, including in context of TAR and Decentralisation reform agenda
• Law 8652 revised with specific focus on local government administrative structures
• Use and standardisation of IMC practices supported in implementation of HRM/CS law at the local level


November 2014–December 2016

Client: Council of Europe
Financing agency: Swiss Cooperation Office