Stimulate and support achievement of the most advanced standards in democratic and decentralised governance


Support provided by Flag

Flag offers a range of support based upon its wide ranging and in-depth expertise. It provides support to individual LGUs, LGU networks and LGAs (local government associations), including advice on policy and best practices.

Individual LGUs

Flag assists LGUs with implementation of their own functions as part of the national decentralisation strategy, particularly in relation to infrastructure and public services, community development and public administration.

Infrastructure and public services
Flag is providing advice to central government on the investment plan for the waste management sector, recently undertook the pre-feasibility study for SWM in Vlora and its environs, and was the local implementer for the project 'Feasibility Study: Management of Solid Waste in SE Albania', assisting with the institutional development of the Korca Regional Waste Management Company. It has so far reviewed the waste management needs of 20 per cent of the municipalities and ten per cent of the population of Albania, and has helped five cities in Kosovo (Drenas, Gjilan, Mitrovica, Peja and Prishtina) develop new solid waste management plans. Flag has developed a regulation on urban waste management, a standard reference work for the sector, and a manual on setting up a compost facility. The Foundation has been instrumental in setting up One-Stop Shops in Albania, having done so for seven LGUs in the counties of Lezha and Shkodra.

Community development
Flag implemented the two Delta projects in Albania, helping develop community development plans for Berat, Durres, Korca, Lezha and Shkodra. The Foundation assisted development of plans for 22 LGUs at that time, home to more than one-quarter of the population of the country. The Foundation has also helped LGUs develop business profiles and training curricula for economic development, and has published a large amount of material. We welcome visits or requests to access these materials.

Public administration
Flag advised the administration of five LGUs on local tax management, covering seven per cent of the population, created a manual on local taxes and fees management, and helped set up a civil registry for one LGU.

LGU networks

Flag has been encouraging inter-municipal cooperation at both the local and the international level. Locally, Flag implemented with IU-IGIP the project 'Feasibility Study: Management of Solid Waste in South-East Albania', bringing Albanian LGUs together for the first time to set up an IMC entity, KRWM, streamlining its objectives, scope of work and legal basis. Internationally, the Foundation has helped develop tools to encourage IMC in Croatia, France, Macedonia, Slovakia and Ukraine, and strengthened institutional frameworks in Armenia and Georgia, where it contributed to the setting up of the first IMC for SWM in that country. Flag was responsible for the financial arrangements between the municipalities of Obdam, Netherlands, and Rrëshen, Albania, in their efforts to develop a twinning relationship, and acted for LGI to develop a prescriptive policy paper and advocacy plan for IMC. During the Delta project, a forum of mayors was set up to facilitate sharing of experiences during community development among their five cities.

Local Government Associations

Flag helped develop a training programme for Albanian LGAs and has assisted the Association of Communes (AAC), the Association of Municipalities (AAM) and the Training Agency for Local Government (TALGA). For the AAC, the Foundation helped set up procedures for endorsement of democratic values, while helping with organisational, institutional and capacity building. Flag supported the institutionalisation of the AAM and provided training in many areas of local government, e.g. in local tax management, and served on the best practice commission. Meanwhile, Flag advised TALGA on policy issues.