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CORE Development Dibër


CORE Development Dibër complemented the national efforts to streamline a regulatory framework for regional development by creating conditions at the local level. It reconfirmed the vanguard and courageous approach of Dibër County Council, contributing to national efforts to shape the role of qarks, using them as regional development engines.

Regional and local authorities were institutionally strengthened to better cope with EU standards and practices to aleviate novel pressures on local authorities and their partners in the private sector and civil society. The project helped set development planning standards, enabling the county council to guide and support interventions in the region.

The overall objective of the project was to contribute towards creating an enabling environment for EU integration and harmonised development guided by Albania's strategic framework.


The institution and capacities of Dibër County Council were strengthened, meeting demands for developing and harmonising regional development policies.

A system was set up and made operational for strategy assessment and monitoring, guiding bottom up regional development.

Local community development plans were compiled with the large participation of the communities for five former LGUs in the county: Bulqizë, Burrel (now Mat), Klos, Peshkopi (now Dibër) and Kastriot (now merged with Dibër).

A community development plan and investment plan were compiled for the county in accordance with national policies in view of IPA and post-IPA opportunities.


November 2010–November 2013

Client: Dibër Qark and its LGUs
Financing agency: Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands; Dibër County LGUs
Implementer: Flag