Stimulate and support achievement of the most advanced standards in democratic and decentralised governance

Institutional and capacity building

Nearly half of the projects Flag has implemented have focused on strengthening institutions in Albania. Since the end of 2017, Flag has been assessing and building the capacities of all of Albania’s local governments to develop and implement Standard Operating Procedures, as a means of improving not only internal processes, but also services to customers. Also recently completed is the project Analysis of Options for Implementation of the Strong Municipalities Programme in Albania, which will help guide implementation of the forthcoming programme Bashki të Forta. The Foundation helped Develop Tools to Encourage Inter-Municipal Cooperation in Albania, Croatia, France, Macedonia, Slovakia and Ukraine, and Strengthen institutional frameworks in Eastern European partnership countries, in Armenia and Georgia.

In 2015 and 2016, Flag provided Support to Institutional Capacities in Implementation of Civil Servant Law and HRM at the Local Level, undertaking a training needs analysis for the ongoing decentralisation process and for the Territorial-Administrative Reform (TAR), and assisted the institutional and capacity building of Albania's LGUs through the project Core Development Dibër. In 2013, Assessment of Local Policies, Programmes and Budgets from a Gender Perspective in Shkodra Municipality evaluated the level of gender-responsive budgeting and gender equality in municipal practices and service provision. With Support to Local Government in Kosovo Flag put into practice the capacity development work it has implemented in Albania and elsewhere, in some 15 of the 50 European states, as well as Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, Indonesia and Mongolia. Flag has applied its expertise in the area of IMC through Reinforcing Local and Regional Government Structures in Albania, and recently contributed to the setting up of the first IMC for SWM in Georgia. Flag experts were also involved in the preparations for setting up a Solid Waste Management Association in Korça County, the first such IMC in Albania.


• Capacity building in implementation of CAP & adoption of local government SOPs
• Assessment of level of adoption and impact of Standard Operating Procedures at municipal level in Albania
• Analysis of options for implementation of Strong Municipalities Programme in Albania
• Analysis and preparation of materials to promote achievements of CoE in strengthening local government structures in Albania
• Identification of quality management practices in Kosovo and Albania public institutions
• Enhancing Good Governance through Improved Complaints Procedures in Mat Municipality
• Strengthening institutional frameworks in Eastern European partnership countries
• Support to institutional capacities in implementation of Civil Servant Law and HRM at the local level, including undertaking a TNA
• Assessment of local policies, programmes & budgets from gender perspective in Shkodra Municipality
• Baseline survey analysis for dldp
• CORE Development Dibër
• Support capacity development needs for Economic Governance
• Dibër Development Day Conference
• Reinforcing Local and Regional Government Structures in Albania (I & II)
• Mid-term review of 'Support programme for Strengthening Local Governance in Dibër Qark'
• Support to local government Kosovo
• Help develop tools to encourage Inter-Municipal Cooperation
• Improvement of local government associations
• Developing the Albanian Association of Communes (DAAC)
• Providing support to the Institute of Environment
• Partnership with Administration for Effective Governance, Rubik Municipality
• Providing Support to the Albanian Association of Communes to broaden their membership base (Inception Period)
• Support to the Albanian Association of Communes to broaden their membership base through institutional strengthening
• Providing support to the Albanian Association of Municipalities (COMPASS extension)
• National Training Strategy for Local Government in Albania
• Good Governance / Institutional Building-Support Municipal Administration in Kosova (inception period)