Stimulate and support achievement of the most advanced standards in democratic and decentralised governance

Manuals and guides

Flag staff have published the following manuals and guides:

• Guide to Establishing a Local Government Association (Eng)

• Guide to Issuing Building Permits (Alb)

• Management of Local Taxes and Fees (Alb)

• Model Internal Regulation for Municipalities (Alb)

• Model of a Municipal Statute (Alb)

• Modern Human Resource Management, with annexes (Alb, Eng)

• Municipal Regulation on Waste Management (Alb)

• Municipal Urban Planning (Alb, Eng)

• Peshkopi Urban Plan (Alb, Eng)

• Organisation, Structure of Local Government (with council rules of procedure) (Alb, Eng)

• Public Information and Communications Office (Alb)

• Study Cases – Juridical Disputes (Alb)

Please feel free to use these documents but we would appreciate acknowledgment of their use.

We welcome any visitors who wish to obtain a hard copy. Alternatively, please contact us and we'd be pleased to arrange delivery of a copy.