Stimulate and support achievement of the most advanced standards in democratic and decentralised governance

Matra CoPROL


Part of 'Leadership Programme for Security and Rule of Law', undertaken also in Turkey and Serbia, the project targeted strengthening institutions in Albania as a potential candidate country in dealing with public security, governance and rule of law. Although many important laws and institutions are in place there are still major shortcomings in the implementation and enforcement of legislation in the context of the negotiation chapters 23 (judiciary and fundamental rights) and 24 (justice, freedom and security).

Through building capacities and leadership skills, exchanging experiences and expertise, training and holding workshops the project aimed to improve the situation, bringing Albania closer to EU candidate status.


Capacities of national and local government to act, commit and deliver on public security and protecting human rights has been increased with individuals taking responsibility for their roles and applying principles of good governance and rule of law.

Capacities of national and local governments to achieve coherence and adapt frameworks for policy development has been increased, with quality performance standards set in the area of public security.

Capacities of national and local governments to relate to external stakeholders has been increased, demonstrated by the participation of civil society, in particular minority groups, in decision-making processes, protection of minority rights and promotion of a culture of tolerance and anti-discrimination.

Capacities of training institutes to achieve coherence has been increased with training provided in the area of good governance, rule of law, public security and human rights.


September 2013–June 2016

Client: Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Justice, Minister of Local Government, municipalities of Berat, Burrel, Korca, Peshkopi and Shkodra
Financing agency: Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Implementer: Flag, on behalf of VNG-I